Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


New 🚀
On-the-fly (OTF) parsing
to determine instruction names for all instructions in a
given transaction
On-the-fly (OTF) parsing
to determine instruction names for all transactions in a
given account
Dev Mode
Transactions table view now identifies its (the transaction) intention optimistically (By taking the most dominant program involved in the transaction)
Screenshot 2022-08-28 at 00
Added wallet connect support for 🪙 Coin98!
Reworked 👷
All logos and Images are now supported while searching
Updated choice of words for
Unidentifiable transactions
Improved 🛠
Under the hood reworks (💨 Speed up!) for
MagicEden-related features
Added support for newer native system instructions
Big numbers in certain account data crashes the page
Accounts with large balances in Lite mode would show "NaN"
True TPS chart overflowing out of widget in Safari
Lite (Mobile) mode will appear distorted on devices with smaller widths (Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 5G, etc)
Duplicate errors appear when wallet is Connected but RPC getBalance fails to succeed.
Typing F on text inputs will result in the search bar to take focus unexpectedly.
New 🚀
  • Migration to NextJS
  • Solana's Wallet Connect integration
  • Auto-RPC Selector:
    Seamless system to automatically switch to the best ranking
    (SolanaFM's internal ranking)
    , lowest latency RPC when using the explorer.
  • Support for utilising custom RPC URLs and saving of Custom RPCs
  • Deep-end Integration with Magic Eden (Buy, List, Quick List, and Offer within SolanaFM) Screenshot 2022-07-05 at 15
  • Pagination rework for viewing an account's transactions and transfers
  • Support for filtering of Token and NFT transfers
  • Large monetary values are now bundled with commas
    (i.e. 138,837,327 rather than 138837327)
  • Support RPC Transfers fallback for accounts view
  • Supported parsing of new token system instructions (backport of
  • Support for Fungible Assets from the Metaplex family
  • Token Account data integration with Metaplex Programs
  • Compromised and hacker accounts are now tagged and reflected in the explorer distinctively
Reworked 👷
  • Tx Flow Legends placement optimisations
  • Tx Flow fonting optimisations
  • Tx Flow Arrow Flow resizing
    (Enlarged arrow heads for clarity)
  • Tx Flow algorithm rework (Everything looks neater now!)
  • Tx Flow now displays human-readable account labels
  • UI optimisations for RPC selection menu
  • NFT Details rework
    (Extensively compatible with mobile!)
  • Allow searching of Bonfida domain names without typing .sol in the search bar
Improved 🛠
  • [FIXED] Some account pages crashing when no transfers were found
  • [FIXED] Some tokens were not fetching the appropriate token information
  • [FIXED] Tx Flow Nodes would sometimes vertically expand unintentionally
Initial Public Release
New 🚀
  • Blocks API: Retrieve general block information regarding blocks in a range at one go
  • Transfers API: Retrieve a transaction's movement of tokens and SOL at one go
New 🚀
  • Support of friendly names for accounts, programs via an off-chain service is now available
  • Information-rich transaction support is now generally available for generic transfer transactions
  • RPC list is now data-driven, this will progressively grow as we populate more free, and open RPC providers
  • “Nearest Solana Nodes To You Card” is now on the Dashboard page, shows a list of available RPC and its details
  • Searching Bonfida domains are now supported
  • Added True TPS to the Dashboard (True TPS = TPS excluding Votes at a 1-minute Time-weighted average)
  • base64 imagery support for NFTs
  • Hardcoded fallback data to support labels for Programs
  • Added support to display additional Program IDL information
  • Added support to display additional instruction details for accounts (Backport of
Reworked 👷
  • Transaction Flow now fills the entire box it sits in
  • TPS is now reworked to display a 1-minute-based graph, with a 15 minutes of history
  • TPS displayed is now on a 1-minute Time-weighted average
Improved 🛠
  • Current block number in the Dashboard is visually larger
  • Current block number in the Dashboard no longer has a slot machine animation
  • Added support for security.txt information for Programs (Backport of
  • Added support to show Anchor IDL data (Backport of -
    Our existing IDL information implementation will be deprecated in-lieu of this backport.
  • Anchor verified badge to Instructions for Programs that are Anchor Verified are now supported (Backport of
  • Dashboard's data pipeline is now network-resistant; when the network is congested (or slows down), it will continue to consistently update in a distributed manner.
  • Token Registry is now retrieved from a CDN rather than Solana's original strategy
  • Transactions Hashes can now be copied in Transaction details page.
  • Account Token Assets can now be sorted
  • Fixed infinite loading on Token Account Details in relation to price data
  • Added support to include NFT Tokens in the “assets in account” table
  • Added support for Anchor's Instruction Data UI (Backport of