Explorer - Release 0.2
New 🚀
  • Support of friendly names for accounts, programs via an off-chain service is now available
  • Information-rich transaction support is now generally available for generic transfer transactions
  • RPC list is now data-driven, this will progressively grow as we populate more free, and open RPC providers
  • “Nearest Solana Nodes To You Card” is now on the Dashboard page, shows a list of available RPC and its details
  • Searching Bonfida domains are now supported
  • Added True TPS to the Dashboard (True TPS = TPS excluding Votes at a 1-minute Time-weighted average)
  • base64 imagery support for NFTs
  • Hardcoded fallback data to support labels for Programs
  • Added support to display additional Program IDL information
  • Added support to display additional instruction details for accounts (Backport of explorer.solana.com)
Reworked 👷
  • Transaction Flow now fills the entire box it sits in
  • TPS is now reworked to display a 1-minute-based graph, with a 15 minutes of history
  • TPS displayed is now on a 1-minute Time-weighted average
Improved 🛠
  • Current block number in the Dashboard is visually larger
  • Current block number in the Dashboard no longer has a slot machine animation
  • Added support for security.txt information for Programs (Backport of explorer.solana.com)
  • Added support to show Anchor IDL data (Backport of explorer.solana.com) -
    Our existing IDL information implementation will be deprecated in-lieu of this backport.
  • Anchor verified badge to Instructions for Programs that are Anchor Verified are now supported (Backport of explorer.solana.com)
  • Dashboard's data pipeline is now network-resistant; when the network is congested (or slows down), it will continue to consistently update in a distributed manner.
  • Token Registry is now retrieved from a CDN rather than Solana's original strategy
  • Transactions Hashes can now be copied in Transaction details page.
  • Account Token Assets can now be sorted
  • Fixed infinite loading on Token Account Details in relation to price data
  • Added support to include NFT Tokens in the “assets in account” table
  • Added support for Anchor's Instruction Data UI (Backport of explorer.solana.com)