Explorer - Release 0.3
New 🚀
  • Migration to NextJS
  • Solana's Wallet Connect integration
  • Auto-RPC Selector:
    Seamless system to automatically switch to the best ranking
    (SolanaFM's internal ranking)
    , lowest latency RPC when using the explorer.
  • Support for utilising custom RPC URLs and saving of Custom RPCs
  • Deep-end Integration with Magic Eden (Buy, List, Quick List, and Offer within SolanaFM) Screenshot 2022-07-05 at 15
  • Pagination rework for viewing an account's transactions and transfers
  • Support for filtering of Token and NFT transfers
  • Large monetary values are now bundled with commas
    (i.e. 138,837,327 rather than 138837327)
  • Support RPC Transfers fallback for accounts view
  • Supported parsing of new token system instructions (backport of explorer.solana.com)
  • Support for Fungible Assets from the Metaplex family
  • Token Account data integration with Metaplex Programs
  • Compromised and hacker accounts are now tagged and reflected in the explorer distinctively
Reworked 👷
  • Tx Flow Legends placement optimisations
  • Tx Flow fonting optimisations
  • Tx Flow Arrow Flow resizing
    (Enlarged arrow heads for clarity)
  • Tx Flow algorithm rework (Everything looks neater now!)
  • Tx Flow now displays human-readable account labels
  • UI optimisations for RPC selection menu
  • NFT Details rework
    (Extensively compatible with mobile!)
  • Allow searching of Bonfida domain names without typing .sol in the search bar
Improved 🛠
  • [FIXED] Some account pages crashing when no transfers were found
  • [FIXED] Some tokens were not fetching the appropriate token information
  • [FIXED] Tx Flow Nodes would sometimes vertically expand unintentionally